About Sigil Outdoors

Australian owned and operated, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience whenever they step foot out of the house.

Here at Sigil Outdoors we understand that everyone likes to spend their free time differently, whether you're at home in the garden, hiking a trail, running an ultra-marathon or anything in between we wanted to have you covered.

With this in mind we created a range of meticulously designed products, backed by science and made specifically for people that love the outdoors and want to raise the bar.

No nonsense, highest quality ingredients and unbeatable taste, everything you need in order to enjoy your chosen pursuit that little bit extra.

No matter your age, fitness level or desired activity, from the weekend warrior to the elite of your chosen field, Sigil Outdoors has you covered.

No matter where your adventure takes you!

About the Founder

After working in the sports supplement industry for over a decade and participating in multiple sports at state and national levels, I witnessed firsthand the benefits and advantages quality supplements were able to provide people.
However on an almost daily basis I was confronted with the issue of trying to help someone that wasn’t a gym rat but instead just wanted something to help them get through the day and feel better.

As frustrating as it was I had to try to explain to people that they would need to use multiple products in order to meet their needs, the exact thing I was having to do myself whilst I was out fishing, hiking, camping.

Since the vast majority of products were made specifically for the gym, they rarely had all the ingredients people needed for getting out there and pursuing their outdoor adventures. - We needed products that had everything we wanted all in the one container!

So after 10 years (nothing like a slow start) I decided I would do my best to help all of us that were getting forgotten about and hence Sigil Outdoors was born.